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Marketing Packages

Three options to suit your needs

What We Do For You

Three different channels to promote your business

1. Social Media Management

Social Media Posting

Keeping your social media presence updated with high-quality engaging content is important for customer relations. Customers are more likely to purchase products or services from a brand they follow on Facebook. Brand loyalty increases when a brand stays current/relevant on social media.

Facebook "Follower" Campaign

Facebook allows advertisers to target specific audiences based on interests, behaviors, and demographics. Your ad will be optimized for your targeted audience. The campaign will run in Facebook's newsfeed, extended network, and Facebook's right rail.

Facebook "Clicks To Web" Campaign

A targeted Facebook campaign will ensure your ad gets delivered to the CORRECT viewers. The ad will be optimized for customers who are most likely to click through to your website and will run in Facebook's newsfeed, extended network, Instagram, and Facebook's right rail. This ensures qualified potential customers will see your ad even if they don’t follow you on Facebook.

2. Marketing Management

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing, also known as eBlasts, are specialized emails focused on product information, content sharing, literature distribution or event announcements. eBlasts are designed and deployed to your subscriber list by J&E Media on a monthly basis.

  • Starter eBlast Package:
  • Design included
  • Content/subscriber list provided by client
  • Advanced eBlast Package:
  • Design/Content included
  • Subscriber list provided by client
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SEM Campaign

Search engine marketing is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising. A Targeted SEM campaign will ensure your ad gets exposure to the CORRECT demographics. Being on the front page of google will ensure an increase in potential leads, website traffic, brand recognition, brand loyalty and more!

3. Retargeting

ReTargeting is a form of online marketing that promotes your brand to consumers based on their previous internet actions. If an internet user is in your target audience and interested in your service, they will see your ad continue to appear around the internet. The more times a customer sees your ad, the more likely they are to purchase your service.

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Category Re Targeting:

Targeting the pages on which your prospects are more likely to spend time

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GEO Fencing Targeting:

Targeting people who are physically in a location for a period of time (event targets, competitors locations)

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Pre Roll Video Targeting:

Targeting consumers who watch videos related to your product/service. Your video ad will play automatically before the viewers video starts as a pre roll advertisement.
*Client must provide content/film for all video campaigns

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GEO Targeting:

Targeting consumers based on the location of your services

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Site Re Targeting:

Targeting people who have already visited your website with ads that will redirect them to your site.

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Search Re Targeting:

Targeting people who are actively looking for your product or services

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Keyword Contextual Re Targeting:

Targeting people who are reading content related to your product/services